Terms of Service

Virtue Wraps Terms and Conditions


  • All quotes must be provided in text form and are good for 7 calendar days. If the proof fails to mention window perf, overlays, racks, painted plastics, or special paneling of the graphics, it is subject to additional fees. I do not install vehicle kits printed on anything other than Avery or 3m per company policy (Perf is an exeption and remains void of warranty.).



    A deposit of $350 is required to hold any date on the calendar, 48-hour minimum notice for cancellation is required. For jobs that include printed materials provided, the deposit is 50%. Rescheduling due to kit mistakes, late or no arrival of the vehicle, and late or no arrival of kit delivery will have the $350 deposit forfeiture, if under 48-hour notice.

    (Fleet jobs can bypass the deposit after the first car, so long as an ongoing $350 cancellation fee is known for any canceled job in under 48 hours, IF agreed upon ahead of time.)

    I do not accept Net30, nor Net15.


    Final Payment:

    Final Payment is due upon completion. (Payment on ongoing fleet jobs can be allocated to one payment per week, with invoices to not exceed 7 business days for disbursed payment, IF agreed upon ahead of time.) Invoices left open for more than 7 business days are subject to a $200 late fee per invoice. Accepted payment forms; Cash, Check (if arriving day-of completion), Zelle, PayPal (only if sent friends and family), and card payment through QuickBooks with a 3% convenience fee added.


    Cancellation Policy

    Cancellations are to be made 48 busines hours or more before scheduled installation date. Failure to do so will result in deposit forefiture and greater delay of install date.


    Vehicle Requirements Before Install

    •  Any car arriving with a ceramic coat is subject to a $150-$500 ceramic coat removal fee, and a delay of completion date. Please check with your dealer to confirm that there is no ceramic coat on your vehicle before arrival.
    • Vehicles should arrive vinyl-free unless quoted for vinyl removal ahead of time. Impromptu vinyl removal is a $120/hr fee for the entirety of the removal.
    •  All vehicles must be washed 24-48 hours ahead of time, with no wax or oil settings, and arrive free of mud and plant debris. A fee ranging from $30-$300 may occur, depending on size and the severity of the mess, if brought unclean or with oil/grease, and subject to a delay of completion or rescheduling.
    • If raining the day-of arrival, a potential 24-hour delay may be necessary to let the gaskets fully dry before installation. (no charge)
    •  Any dents, repairs to paint, aftermarket parts, scratches, or chips are void of warranty and may cause additional damage if wrapped over and later removed. Virtue Wraps is not responsible for additional damage to vinyl that Is removed on damaged body panels, or expired/aftermarket paint.
    •  All badges or emblems that require to stay on the vehicle are to be noted ahead of time. Failure to note this may result in emblem removal and storage in the glove box.
    • All racks and tool equipment on the exterior is to be removed prior to drop-off. Failure to do so may result in additional seams in the wrap, and in rare cases, additional fees.
    • Wall graphics cannot be installed on low-VOC paints. It is up to the customer to know or test this ahead of time. Surveys for appropriate 3m wall material suggestions (on-site) are 150$.
    • Extra operating obligations are subject to additional charges; I.e., Breathalyzers in customer vehicles, safety gear, filming, uniform, hazardous conditions, special events, etc.
    • Failure to prep the vehicle is subject to a voided warranty.


    Post Wrap Protocol

    • Washing by hand is preferred. Do not use iso alcohol or other harsh chemicals on the wrap, as it will dry out the vinyl properties. Be careful to not get overspray from windshield wipers on the
    • wrap, and immediately remove if so.
    •  Take care of edges, particularly on doors, hoods, and trunks. Should any damage occur, please notify us immediately. Please to not try to fix it yourself as it will void the warranty.
    •  Remove bug and bird droppings immediately, failure to do so may result in staining of the laminate. Soak with soapy water and wipe off.
    • Complimentary check-ups are available at two weeks and one-month following installation. Please call or text to schedule this follow-up. These appointments are just another way we demonstrate that we appreciate your business and want to help ensure the longest life for your wrap.
    • We strive for 100% customer satisfaction, please let us know if there is anything else we can do to achieve this.


    3M Warranty:

    Avery Warranty:

    1 year MPI install warranty, only if 6460-2 laminate is used. SW900 series has a 6-month install warranty. White SW900 has zero warranty. Hoods, roofs, and trunks need to be replaced every 12 months, if kept outside when parked, per manufacturer specifications.


    Virtue Wraps Customer Care

    Each wrap is completed with a total check work order detailing:

    the type of install, quote/deposit information, type of vinyl, date, location, company, sizing, year/make/model/VIN, pre-install photos, special notes during installation, install temp, specialty equipment needed, noted disassembly, vehicle template noting existing damage, and post-installation photos. This is an added process to ensure the absolute best product for our customers, exclusive to Virtue Wraps