Vitrue Wraps Installation Services:

-Vehicle Wraps


-Wall Graphics

-Racing Cars & Events

-Floor Design

-Marine Graphics

-Special Event Signage

-Storefront Design

-Paint Protection

-Roof & Hood Wraps

-Color Change

-Trim and Bumper Wraps



Most vinyl materials come wide enough to wrap without the need for seams on hoods, roofs, trunks and side panels. This allows the wrap to be applied, most of the time, with no visible seams. If there is a job that requires a seam to be used, Virtue Wraps will place them in specific locations to where they will be nearly invisible to the wrap.

No cuts on the PAINT


Virtue Wraps not only appreciates your business but appreciates your vehicle and we want to ensure there is no damage to your paint in the installation process. We use tools such as knifeless tape and pre-paneling to ensure no damage is done to the integrity of your vehicles paint job.